KLK Accounting

Small and Medium Retail Business

Key support services for small and medium retail businesses to minimising business back locks of financial compliance requirements in a professional manner for:

  • Identifying and Consolidating reporting requirements,
  • Automating and developing self-managed process with low cost applications to free your time out
  • Payment process of PAYG withholding taxes, superannuation, payroll tax and payment to employees, suppliers, and government authorities periodically and facilitate the process to manage your own.
  • Banking process
  • Monitor consistently and carefully, update the businesses and regulatory changes routinely
  • Identify idle capital, rectify them financially for re-investments.
  • Support and train to use Xero, MYOB, and other range of accounting systems accurately.
  • Assist you to complete GST returns to ATO.
  • Assisting in client management, connecting competitive banking, and lending brokers, and scheduling cycle of cash flow requirements.
  • Sharing industry information openly, maintaining the business confidential and contract engagements of your business.
  • We prepare reports and proposals for your loan application and business additional capital requirements.
  • We assist you to connect with comparative suppliers and service providers and work with them on your behalf to better you off.
  • We are reliable and experienced  in bookkeeping and taxation service and our billable hours re charged competitively.
  • Please reach us out to manage your business better and maximise your wealth progressively.