KLK Accounting

Taxation Services

When it comes to your taxation matters, we can provide a range of taxation service with the complete package.

Our Taxation services include:

  • BAS and GST returns – No matter how small, we will work through your claims and entitlements.
  • Company and business tax returns – Reportable taxation compliance and corporate requirements are measured and reported periodically.
  • Individual tax returns – Our expert work with you to minimise tax liabilities through viable ways.
  • Capital gains tax – Our experts look for your unique and personal circumstances to work out your wealth better.
  • Investment and Properties income tax – Capital gearing and allowable deductions are matched with Tax office guidelines timely manner.
  • Allowable deductions: Our team works with you one to one in working out allowable work-related expenses and deductions.

  • Long Term – Our tax consultants do pipeline with applicable small and medium size business tax plans to boost consistently your capital and wealth in progress.
  • Other Taxation matters – Our consultants work with you in resolving other specific tax matters of your business and personal.